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Reading Game StarterThe Reading Game Starter App introduces your child to the Montessori Home™ Reading Game Series and prepares your child for mastering a second grade reading level upon completing the series.

Help your child start learning today!


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Features of the Reading Game App

Each Book contains more than 40 lessons with 20 or more questions each.

  Each quarter of the Book finishes with a summary test for that quarter.
At the end of each lesson your child can review how well he/she answered the questions in the lesson.   Parents can use the Parent Controls to review their child's progress, add/remove additional children, or reset child to a different lesson.


Jump right in and help your child to start learning to read today!
Enjoy these reading activities with your child, and you'll see for yourself why we think the Reading Game is the best way to help your child learn to read.
The Reading Game will:
  • Build your child into a confident and successful reader
  • Nurture your child’s life-long love of learning
  • Promote bonding between you and your child
  • Empower you as your child's best teacher!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Programmed Reading?
Programmed Reading is an advanced version of a teaching technique called Programmed Learning, which Montessori Home™ uses to teach reading fundamentals.

What is Programmed Learning?
Programmed Learning is based on the work of behavioral psychologists who found that learners were more encouraged and successful when they were presented with small increments of new material, given a chance to interact with the new material, and provided with the correct response to check against their own response. It uses positive feedback to increase success.

In Programmed Learning, the children learn at their own pace. Children move ahead as they master the lessons repeating material as needed until forward progress is made. Learned material is systematically woven into newer material in a way that has students responding to very familiar material while being introduced to new material. This ensures mastery in a carefully spiraled approach.

Why is the Reading Game better?
The Reading Game's Programmed Reading has been extensively researched, virtually more than any other reading program. It is adapted for online learning from the print version published by Phoenix Learning Resources. In the development stage, the program was revised and corrected until the finished product ensured a 95% correct response to every item. Programmed Reading has proven effective in thousands of schools for over three decades.

What does the Programmed Reading experience feel like?
To a child, it feels like a game. Kids love to have fun while learning. They thrive on achievement. The Reading Game Programmed Reading is designed to give them success after success, developing confidence and pride within the child.

Which children do best using programmed learning?
Children who can work independently, with an appropriate amount of adult supervision, are successful with programmed learning. With additional support, children who have trouble learning by traditional methods can learn through this approach. These children become independent learners.

How old does a child need to be?
The Reading Game has been designed to work with children from as young as age 3. It is an equally powerful learning tool for older children who need remedial help.

How do children learn?
Children learn through repetition and interactive response. With Programmed Reading, children are asked to give more responses to the same material than in a traditional beginning reading program. By encountering the same material many times, young readers develop mastery and confidence. Through this program the children stay with a letter, word, or sentence construction until the skill is learned. When a child has mastered the skill, they move on to new material.

How do students learn new words and sentence constructions?
Children learn to decode unfamiliar words through a strong presentation of phonetically regular sound-symbol patterns. From the beginning of the program, new words are presented in context. Students become acquainted with new meanings and constructions while they are responding to familiar material. Illustrations serve an important function in helping young learners understand word meaning.

Are children graded?
No. Children who use Programmed Reading take responsibility for their own learning and progress. They learn at their own pace, mastering skills as slowly or as quickly as they are able, without fear of falling behind peers or classmates. The only "competition" is within the student's own sense of achievement.

How will I know how well my child is progressing?
You will see your child's love of reading grow. Your child will begin to get excited and motivated by his/her reading independence. As the program progresses, you will experience and celebrate your child's successes.